Chamomile, Blue Moroccan Organic

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Tanacetum annuum

Certified Organic, Blossom, Morocco

Also known as Blue Tansy, this oil is anti-inflammatory, anti-histaminic, anti-spasmodic, and a thymus stimulant.

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Blue Moroccan Chamomile is actually Tanacetum annuum rather than being of the chamomile family. Another name for the oil is Blue Tansy. The flowering plant grows in Morocco and yields a deep blue essential oil with a delightful honeyed-apple scent. The oil is said to be highly anti-inflammatory and thus may help damaged or irritated skin. It is also anti-histaminic and is used to treat colds, fevers and asthma. It is reported to be antispasmodic, tonic and a thymus stimulant.

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