Chamomile, German CO2, Organic

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Matricaria chamom.

Certified Organic, Blossom, Germany

A gentle, excellent oil for sensitive skin, it is said to help sprains, inflamed tendons, swollen joints, nervous tension, insomnia, indigestion and headaches.

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German Chamomile is a fragrant annual herb with simple, daisy-like white flowers. It is native to central and northern Europe. The carbon dioxide method of extraction yields a very different oil than steam distillation. German Chamomile CO2 Extract is a thick, greenish, semi-solid substance that becomes liquid at body temperature. The difference in texture is due to the presence of plant waxes. Although not as easy to work with as steam-distilled essential oils, the anti-inflammatory qualities are even more pronounced with this extraction method. It is said to be helpful for many kinds of skin conditions and damage.

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