Lavender Maillette Organic

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Lavandula officinalis

Certified Organic, Flower Tops, France

To many, this is the nicest smelling Lavender, sweet and soft, making it the preferred Lavender for natural perfumes.

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Fresh, herbal, sweet and floral, Lavender is always the first choice for your medicine cabinet. The name Lavender comes from the Latin lavare which means "to wash." Romans added Lavender to their bath water as much for its scent as for its antiseptic quality. It has continued to be an ingredient in popular facial waters to this day.

Q. Denise:
"What is Lavender Maillette? I've not heard of it before?"

A. Dr. Streicher:
Many people find it the most pleasant lavender. It is also very reasonable priced because it is a high yield clone. But it is not genetically engineered. Lavender Maillette is particularly high in linalyl acetate. This gives it a fine and rather sweet aroma. If a perfumer wants to work with a natural lavender (which is rather unusual for today’s perfumery) lavender maillette is the oil of choice. At this point, all lavender maillette comes from France. Use whenever you use lavender for fun, romance and pleasure."

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