Lemon, Yellow Organic

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Citrus limonum

Certified Organic, Peel, Argentina

Lemon oil improves concentration, memory and clear thinking while its antiseptic quality purifies the air and regulates the immune system.

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The sweet, fresh and clean scent of lemon is cold pressed from the lemon rind. Cool and dry, it is perfect for diffusing in the home or office. Its antiseptic quality purifies the air, and it is a powerful stimulant, improving concentration, memory and clear thinking while regulating the body's immune system and raising resistance to disease.

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Pele Winds Owner
Deborah Cain (Gasquet, CA) 2/6/2009 8:56 PM
This is a wonderful oil and presently my favorite for blending spritz's with or using a dash of to lighten lemongrass. Also it is excellent to use for inhalation when allergies are pressuring the eyes. I discovered this by accident. Although the Amrita Allergy Easer still takes the cake on easing pain from allergy inflammation. My customers love it.