Litsea Cubeba

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Litsea cubeba

Wildcrafted, Berries, China

It has a lemony scent for flavoring and fragrance, and is used in skin care for acne, oily skin and dermatitis. Anti-inflammatory and antiseptic.

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Litsea Cubeba - Litsea Cubeba essential oil is steam distilled from the wild-crafted fruit of May Chang, an evergreen tree native to China and South America. It has a lemony scent and is used as a fragrance and for flavoring. It is also used in skin care preparations, as it has been helpful with acne, oily skin and dermatitis. It is reported to be anti-inflammatory, antiseptic and deodorizing and is also used as a disinfectant. Litsea cubeba is soothing and uplifting.

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