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Amrita is committed to helping you get the most out of aromatherapy. With the information contained in our Learning Center, you can increase your knowledge about aromatherapy as well as the personal care products industry in general.
Amrita's Learning Center Sections:
Aromatherapy articles
Aromatherapy Articles - Articles you won't find anywhere else, written by leading authorities in the aromatherapy field.
Aromatherapy books
Aromatherapy Books - Books recommended by Christoph Streicher, a leading aromatherapy expert and founder of Amrita Aromatherapy.
Aromatherapy Instruction on CD
Aromatherapy CDs - Learn about the world of essential oils and aromatherapy from the masters: Christoph Streicher and Sheryll Ryan.

Essential oils

Essential Oils - Learn about essential oils.

a)Essential Oil Profiles

b)Essential Oils by Ailment Chart, describing what oils can be used and how to treat a condition.

c)Essential Oils Comparison Chart - Compare essential oils by their therapeutic actions.

d) Essential Oil Recipes - Easy do-it-yourself essential oil blend recipes by Dr. Christoph Streicher.


e)Glossary of Aromatherapy Terms and Definitions

f)Safety Information Regarding Essential Oils - how to avoid any problems in using essential oils.

g)Suggested Uses of Essential Oils - optimizing the therapeutic value of essential oils.

Harmful Ingredients in the Personal Care Industry
Harmful Ingredients Used in Personal Care Industry. This section will help you as a consumer make informed choices when purchasing personal care products.
Informative Facts
Informative Facts - Information on health-related topics.