The Art of Synergy

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Roll-On ReliefTM

Manage stress and other health issues with 10 therapeutic essential oil synergies in convenient roll-on bottles!
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"Amrita means 'nectar of immortality.' It stands for my commitment to purity, therapeutic effectiveness and the upliftment of your spirit. When you smell true botanical essential oils, you breathe in the consciousness of the plant, and your whole being is nurtured by the plant's vital nature. As the essences become part of your daily experience, they will give you health and well-being for a lifetime."

-Dr. Christoph Streicher, Founder and President of Amrita Aromatherapy

Organic Certification and Commitment to Truth
All Oils Tested In House for Purity with Gas Chromatography
Paraben Free versus Chemistry Free
100% Satisfaction Guaranteed